Monday, June 7, 2010

Let The Games Begin


Anyone that knows me knows that I am in love with technology and all of it’s advances. Today that love was heightened with the unveiling of Apple’s new shine-clad bezel of goodness: The iPhone 4. The phone boasts a better screen, larger battery, multi-task, and new features along with it’s biggest change; a front facing camera that enables you to make real-time video calls to any other iPhone 4 user. Apple has definitely made a major shift in the direction of its both famous and infamous iPhone in terms of styling, hardware, and software.

While this large step will leave others fawning over it’s awesomeness while they wait outside and look through the glass of the apple store on June 24th (when it releases). However, many consumers have already jumped ship with the release of Sprint’s HTC EVO on their new 4G network. We’ll see where this all goes. Will Sprint and HTC be able to dethrone Apple and AT&T, or will the proven winners come out on top again? We’ll just have to see!

This sounds like a match between Tyson Gay and Usain Bolt! Let the games Begin! lol


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